Things I love - Special Edition!

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Why is this week's special? Well, for one, it's being posted on the Monday following the Thursday on which it was supposed to have been posted. My bad.
The main reason that this is more special than others, is because it features one of the BIGGEST things that I love. My family! We have a unique situation from others because my dear sister and I married into the same family. Not incest. I swear. What is it then?...spectacular. We couldn't have chosen a more amazing family to join either. This family of mine (both sides!) is funny, creative, passionate, always exciting, funny, entertaining, spiritually encouraging, funny, supportive, quirky, loving, and did I say funny? It doesn't get any better than this. Here's a sneak peek into the wonderful time that we had on Easter.

We're so blessed.


Things I love Thursdays - Week 2

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Well, folks...I'm excited to say that I actually remembered to do another Things I Love post! Things have been a little different around the house this week, with Brian home from work on his vacation. Schedules go out the door to make way for family time, and of course, catching up on our work load. So, that's what makes this post even more exciting...I was able to take the time to do it! Here we go...

Little Mama: This girl amazes me. She's so stinking little, and she is already one of the most nurturing people I know. She's constantly loving on her baby dolls, stuffed animals, real animals, pictures of friends (or strangers), and anyone or anything that will let her get close enough for a hug. One of my favorite things is to listen to her playing from a distance. You can hear her tiny quiet voice say things like..."....awwwwww...ok baby...ok. night you. Milk, baby? You wanna bite?...yuuummmmmyyy..." and so on. Such a sweety. I wonder if she's seen the memo that she's supposed to be a baby still.

First Cup of Coffee: It's sad that I have to distinguish this, as I do drink several cups of coffee daily, but this first cup is particularly enjoyable. The other cups of coffee I drink are generally sipped while I'm working on a design, or reading a book with Ella. While, I do enjoy those things, there is something so warm and satisfying about being snuggled up in our comfy bed, warm sunlight creeping quietly through the window, with my Bible and current devotional laid across the bedspread, drinking that piping hot cup of joe. What makes this even better is that I'm blessed to have the opportunity to take my time drinking coffee whilst deepening and delighting in my relationship with my Creator. Coffee with doesn't get any better than that.

Joining the Angels: I tear up just thinking about it. There are certain songs that just seem to be divinely set apart; ones that you can't help but worship to, even if you aren't "ready" for it. My personal favorite right now is "Revelation Song". I believe that the reason this one is so powerful, is because it is actually echoing the chorus that is and will eternally be sung in heaven. Insert goosebumps here.

That seems to be an appropriate place to end my "loves" this week. Excuse the sentimentality and looking ahead. Some days are harder to find these little happy things than others, but even in the down times it's important to remember our call to always rejoice in the Lord. He certainly gives us a lot to glorify Him for, and if that's not the point of it all, I don't know what is.


Things I love Thursdays

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There are a few photography bloggers that I follow who have posts every now and again defining the things in their lives that they love. I think this is awesome. I really enjoy seeing the things that make their hearts skip a beat...even if it's just a new found favorite - dark roast coffee. That's what makes us who we are. Everyone has a billion blessings in their lives that go unnoticed...I want to remind myself of the ones in my life. So, every Thursday (if I can keep on top of it) look for a post underlining some of the big and little things that I love. Since one of the big things that I love is photography, most of my posts will be in that form. So let's get started...

Real Simple Magazine: This magazine is simply amazing. I love the creativity that drives the whole magazine, and that each and every article is written with the intention of making some area in my life easier or more organized. Plus the recipes are always super yummy.

SweetTart Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies: Oh man. So delicious. For some reason these SweetTart tasties are more delicious than the rest. We always look for these right after Valentines Day. It's one of our first signs that spring is right around the corner. Y.U.M.

"Funny, Mommy": There are few things that warm my heart as much as hearing my sweet daughter giggle, followed by "funny, Mommy". For some reason she has decided recently, that if she thinks something is funny, she must identify it as such. It's just darn cute. It doesn't bother me either, that she is usually saying that I am funny. A little truth never hurt anyone.

Wacom Pen Tablet: This thing makes my life so much easier. It is amazing how much more control you can have over what you are doing on the computer when you can manipulate it with a pen. Super Awesome.

Flowers from hubby: Gotta love the flowers for no reason from my incredible husband. That guy is just too good to me. After 5 years of being together, he still takes the time to let me know that he adores me. He makes it so darn easy to like him. And remember, ladies, you'll never be able to truly love your husband, unless you like him too.

New things on the Horizon: That's right folks, we put the house back on the market. We took it off in November so we could enjoy the holidays without having to worry about any open houses. We feel change on the horizon, and are looking forward to seeing what God has planned for our future!

First Green of Spring: You know what I'm talking about. The first sunny day after a couple of good rain storms, when you look outside and notice that everything has a beautiful green glow. The thing that makes you cross your fingers in the hope that Spring may be here to stay. Delightful.

OK. So I may have gone a little bit overboard on my "loves" today. Can you blame me? There are just too many things to love. It's a good problem to have.



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Geez. Blogging must not be my thing.

All is well in the Fantasma family. Keeping busy with our little business, little church, and little girl. Not much going on besides all that!

Our biggest thing right now is plugging through photography and design work. It has been such a blessing that things have picked up. It has really helped our family financially to have a bit more steady income. If anyone needs Christmas cards, let us know!! We are excited to offer custom cards again this year. Postcards are a great way to save money on postage and still have an awesome greeting for your friends and family! If you want to keep up to date with our most recent stuff check us out on the Fantasma Imagery fan page or visit our website at

Our church, the Avenue, has been going through a sermon series lately called "When Life Dumps On You". It has been amazing going through the life of Job and how his sufferings relate to ours...and even more how his reactions and attitudes to suffering relate to ours. You should check it out at

Sweet little Elliana is awesome too. She is now almost 14 months old and I can't believe it. I keep having these flashback moments where I see her sleeping in her little swing or laying propped up on pillows smiling at her Daddy. Now she's just walking around telling us all about everything she sees. I'm amazed at how many words she says...and how well I can understand her. She has developed this gentle, quiet personality, loving to just sit on the couch and read quietly with her stuffed animals even if a big ruckus is going on around her. She's just a little tiny thing too, at only the 10th percentile for height and weight at her age. I think that just adds to her dainty cuteness. I think she's the cutest thing to ever grace this earth, but I'm not biased at all.

Life is good.